[PATCH 2/4] SCSI: implement sd_set_capacity()
Implement sd_set_capacity() method which calls into hostt->set_capacity() if implemented. This will be invoked by block layer if partitions extend beyond the end of the device and can be used to implement, for example, on-demand ATA host protected area unlocking. Signed-off-by: Tejun Heo <tj(a)kernel.org> Cc: Be... 13 May 2010 12:42
vfs: Fix O_NOFOLLOW behavior for paths with trailing slashes
On Thu, May 13, 2010 at 08:43:35AM -0400, Andrew Morton wrote: Yes, it's a bit tricky (for me, at least) to work out "which kernel version did that patch go into" via git. git-describe <revid> -- To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel" in the body of a message to majordomo@... 13 May 2010 12:42
vfs: Fix O_NOFOLLOW behavior for paths with trailing slashes
On Thu, 13 May 2010, Jan Kara wrote: According to specification mkdir d; ln -s d a; open("a/", O_NOFOLLOW | O_RDONLY) should return success but currently it did return ELOOP. Fix the code to ignore O_NOFOLLOW in case the provided path has trailing slashes. This is a regression caused by path looku... 13 May 2010 12:42
ramzswap: Remove backing swap support
Nitin Gupta wrote: Currently, each ramzswap device can be assigned a separate 'backing swap' file/partition. The ramzswap driver forwards swap I/O requests to this backing swap whenever an incompressible page is found. This feature adds nearly 700 lines of code and it also duplicates much of the s... 16 May 2010 20:08
Btrfs: add basic DIO read/write support V3
On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 04:40:53PM -0400, Josef Bacik wrote: V1->V2 -Use __blockdev_direct_IO instead of helper -Use KM_IRQ0 for kmap instead of KM_USER0 I still don't think this is correct. The completion can come from softirq and hardirq context, and possibly even normal process context. You either nee... 13 May 2010 14:55
[PATCH 1/9] mm: add generic adaptive large memory allocation APIs
On Thu, 13 May 2010 at 17:51:25 +0800, Changli Gao wrote: +static inline void *kvcalloc(size_t n, size_t size) +{ + return __kvmalloc(n * size, __GFP_ZERO); This needs multiply overflow checking like kcalloc. milton -- To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel" in th... 13 May 2010 11:35
[PATCH -v2 4/5] always lock the root (oldest) anon_vma
> Looking at the if condition, brk() would appear to be the most important case, right? This would appear to correlate with the reasoning behind that condition in the first place in commit 252c5f94d944487e9f50ece7942b0fbf659c5c31 where sbrk contended on the lock heavily. You are right. Here is a new pat... 13 May 2010 11:35
gta02: Use pcf50633 backlight driver instead of platform backlight driver.
On Wed, 2010-05-12 at 02:02 +0100, Ben Dooks wrote: On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 02:44:34AM +0200, Lars-Peter Clausen wrote: Use the pcf50633 backlight driver instead of the platform backlight driver. Signed-off-by: Lars-Peter Clausen <lars(a)metafoo.de> Cc: Ben Dooks <ben-linux(a)fluff.org> ok, d... 26 May 2010 08:03
Input updates for 2.6.34-rc6
On Thu, 13 May 2010, Dmitry Torokhov wrote: Bastien Nocera (1): Input: i8042 - do not try to probe ports on Intel Apple Macs I pulled, but I skipped the last commit, because I think this one is fundamentally _wrong_. It is _not_ maintainable to create random tables of exceptions ("DMI tabl... 28 May 2010 01:46
HWPOISON for hugepage (v5)
On Thu, May 13, 2010 at 04:55:19PM +0900, Naoya Horiguchi wrote: This patchset enables error handling for hugepage by containing error in the affected hugepage. Until now, memory error (classified as SRAO in MCA language) on hugepage What does SRAO stand for? It doesn't matter, I'm just curious. wa... 14 May 2010 04:05