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sky2: receive dma mapping error handling
On 1/28/2010 6:36 PM, Stephen Hemminger wrote: Please try this patch (and only this patch), on 2.6.33-rc5[*]; none of the other patches that did not make it upstream because that confuses things too much. The code that checks for DMA mapping errors on receive buffers would not handle errors correctly.... 3 Feb 2010 14:00
[PATCH] ntp: Make time_esterror and time_maxerror static
Inspired by Richard's earlier email, I noticed the ntp.c has a few global values that could be static. This trivial patch cleans that up. thanks -john Make time_esterror and time_maxerror static as no one uses them outside of ntp.c Signed-off-by: John Stultz <johnstul(a)> diff --git a/i... 2 Feb 2010 15:58
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ARM: Add sh7372 and AP4EVB support
On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 09:41:01PM +0900, Magnus Damm wrote: --- 0001/arch/arm/tools/mach-types +++ work/arch/arm/tools/mach-types 2010-01-21 19:51:03.000000000 +0900 @@ -2578,3 +2578,4 @@ glacier MACH_GLACIER GLACIER 2592 phrazer_bulldog MACH_PHRAZER_BULLDOG PHRAZER_BULLDOG 2593 omap3_bulldog ... 2 Feb 2010 15:58
Linux wireless GSoC 2010 project ideas
Google has confirmed it will have a Google Summer of Code for 2010 [1]. Last year we had a few projects suggested (4) and accepted (3) under the Linux Foundation sponsoring organization umbrella [2]. Unfortunately out of the three projects that were approved only one completed successfully, that of the adding AP su... 21 Mar 2010 16:12
perf,hw_breakpoint,kgdb: No mutex taken forkerneldebugger
Frederic Weisbecker wrote: If it fails the debugger tried to remove it again later. It seems to me like it is a don't care corner case. You get a printk if it ever does happen (which it really shouldn't). Yeah truly it's a corner case, especially if the debugger can handle that later... 2 Feb 2010 15:58
[PATCH] x86: Add quirk for Intel DG45FC board to avoid low memory corruption
Commit 6aa542a694dc9ea4344a8a590d2628c33d1b9431 added a quirk for the Intel DG45ID board due to low memory corruption. The Intel DG45FC shares the same BIOS (and the same bug) as noted in: Signed-off-by: David H�rdeman <david(a)> Cc: <stable(a)kernel.or... 2 Feb 2010 15:58
regulator: Convert fixed voltage regulator to use enable_time()
On Thu, 2010-01-28 at 10:21 +0000, Mark Brown wrote: It had an open coded version in enable(). Signed-off-by: Mark Brown <broonie(a)> --- drivers/regulator/fixed.c | 10 ++++++++-- 1 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-) Applied. Thanks Liam -- To... 2 Feb 2010 15:58
mmotm 2010-01-28-01-36 uploaded (media/radio/saa7706h.c)
On 01/28/10 01:36, akpm(a) wrote: The mm-of-the-moment snapshot 2010-01-28-01-36 has been uploaded to and will soon be available at git:// It contains the following patches against 2.6.33-rc5: ... 2 Feb 2010 15:57