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[PATCH 3/3] sysfs: allow creating symlinks from untagged to tagged directories
From: Eric W. Biederman <ebiederm(a)> Supporting symlinks from untagged to tagged directories is reasonable, and needed to support CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED. So don't fail a prior allowing that case to work. Signed-off-by: Eric W. Biederman <ebiederm(a)> Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <gr... 26 Jul 2010 16:02
You have been Awarded 750,000.00 Pounds in the Toyota CASH SPLASH 2010. Send your. Name: Address: -- To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel" in the body of a message to majordomo(a) More majordomo info at Please read the FAQ... 26 Jul 2010 16:02
small FTDI USB serial driver update
On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 07:36:08AM -0700, David A. Ranch wrote: Hello Greg, Thanks for getting back to me! I didn't know what you meant by "Sign-off" but I just researched it per (please let me know if that post doesn't apply anymore). This will be my first kernel... 26 Jul 2010 13:50
Paravirt-spinlock implementation for KVM guests (Version 0)
On 07/25/2010 11:11 PM, Srivatsa Vaddagiri wrote: This patch-series implements paravirt-spinlock implementation for KVM guests, based heavily on Xen's implementation. Excellent! I think this problem has been ignored for too long. I tried to refactor Xen's spinlock implementation to make it common fo... 2 Aug 2010 05:59
Add yield hypercall for KVM guests
On 07/25/2010 11:14 PM, Srivatsa Vaddagiri wrote: Add KVM hypercall for yielding vcpu timeslice. Can you do a directed yield? J Signed-off-by: Srivatsa Vaddagiri<vatsa(a)> --- arch/x86/include/asm/kvm_para.h | 1 + arch/x86/kvm/x86.c | 7 ++++++- ... 3 Aug 2010 01:40
Tight check of pfn_valid on sparsemem - v4
On Tue, 27 Jul 2010, Minchan Kim wrote: This patch registers address of mem_section to memmap itself's page struct's pg->private field. This means the page is used for memmap of the section. Otherwise, the page is used for other purpose and memmap has a hole. What if page->private just happens to be the v... 11 Aug 2010 12:33
dlm: use genl_register_family_with_ops()
On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 05:19:19PM +0800, Changli Gao wrote: Signed-off-by: Changli Gao <xiaosuo(a)> ---- fs/dlm/netlink.c | 15 +-------------- 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 14 deletions(-) diff --git a/fs/dlm/netlink.c b/fs/dlm/netlink.c index 2c6ad51..ef17e01 100644 --- a/fs/dlm/netl... 26 Jul 2010 12:44
cryptsetup + lvm on usb disk, unusable /dev/dm-* after suspend/resume cycle
Hi Milan, Thank you for your explanation. So I'll try to find logs regarding this issue (won't be easy though..). On the other hand, the usb device survives suspend/resume normally, that is, when using a plain disk, std partition etc. Ok, I'm going for the logs and if found be back. Thank ... 26 Jul 2010 12:44
[PATCH] Tight check of pfn_valid on sparsemem - v4
Changelog since v3 o fix my totally mistake in v3 o use set_page_private and page_private Changelog since v2 o Change some function names o Remove mark_memmap_hole in memmap bring up o Change CONFIG_SPARSEMEM with CONFIG_ARCH_HAS_HOLES_MEMORYMODEL I have a plan following as after this patch is acked. ... 26 Jul 2010 12:44
powerpc: Add vmcoreinfo symbols to allow makdumpfile to filter core files properly
On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 09:46:09AM -0400, Neil Horman wrote: Hey all- About 2 years ago now, I sent this patch upstream to allow makedumpfile to properly filter cores on ppc64: It got acks from the kexec folks so I pulled it into RHEL, ... 5 Aug 2010 10:13
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