From: Rudolf Harras on
Following Problem:
I would also like to make some games working on the C64 DTV,
unfortunately I do no know assembler - like many others.

For making a game work on the C64 DTV you mostly will need
a) link drive actions to #1 (instead of #8)
b) link all input to joystick #2

Both can be done with the Action Replay cartridge. After doing that you
can safe a freeze of the game which can be copied on the C64 DTV.

But many games have options to select (e.g. Trainer (Y/N)) or you have
to enter a name and press return.

In this case it would be very helpful if you could link the ABCD-Buttons
of the C64 DTV to the keyboard functions that are needed.

Can this be done? Or could anyone develop a "cartridge image" for Vice
which has these functions to make a game DTV-ready?
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