From: Joerg Ettrich, WKV AG on
Hi all,

I'm new to LDAP administration, however I've sucessfuly up and running a
SLES 10.2 with LDAP backend, SAMBA and stuff... everything is well,
except the following:

- user group membership is stated in ldap using the "member"
attribute, wich contains the full path to the user, e.g.

- a new external service I'd like to connect for authentication
needs the "meberUid" attribute for a user, in order toi recognice
the user is a member of the group.

I'm searching the internet for while now, but, as I'm new to LDAP, I've
not yet found anything helpful. Please, could anyone advice me on how to
force LDAP to use both, the "member" and "memberUid" attribute if a user
is added to a group. I assume I have to change something in my schema
files, but I'm not sure...

thanks in advance...