From: Bartus on
I'm willing to create a concession sales program in access 2007, but I'm stuck.

The concessions program will have two different Items
1. Sales Items
2. Menu Items, which contains 2 or more sales items

I have created the following tables:

- OrderId
- Date
- TerminalNo.

- OrderId
- OrderDetailId
- Itemtype (Sales or Menu Item)
- Quantity
- ItemId (Unique number of Sales or Menu Item, with a listbox the name is
- SalesPrice per Item
- Discount

tblOrderDetailsSub (will only be used if it is about a MenuItem)
- OrderDetailId
- OrderDetailSubId
- ItemId (Unique number of Salesitem, with a listbox the name is shown)

Also I have created the SalesItem tables
- ItemId
- Itemtype (menu or sales)
- ItemName

tblSalesItemsSub (only for the menu items, which contains more than 1 sales
- ItemId
- SalesItemsSubId
- AssignedSalesItems (ItemId of Salesitem, with a listbox the name is shown)

With above tables the appropriate records will be generate in the
OrderDetails and OrderDetailsSub. This works already very well, a kind of
switchboard access form will allow the user to select the sales or
menu-items. The mainform contains the information of the OrderId

But on this form I would like to create a list overview of all the selected
sales items, which can be selected to modify (only with the buttons on the
form, but the OrderDetailId must be retrievable.

The list must look like:
Quantity Item Price Total
1 Coca Cola 3.00 3.00
2 Fanta 3.00 6.00
1 Duo Menu 8.00 8.00
1 Coca Cola
1 Coca Cola
1 Popcorn Salt.
1 CandyBar 1.25 1.25

This means that the Duo menu, have 3 subrecords: Coca Cola, another Coca
Cola and a Popcorn Salt.

I can't figure out how to create this list. I have search for a ListView
which allows sublevels, but as I am not a great visual Basic programmer I
only get the Information displayed without the subrecords.

Also I would like that the Listview sees the MainLevel and the SubLevel as
one Item, so all the lines will be highlighted, for example if I select the
Duo Combo in the list, the following will be highlighted:
1 Duo Menu 8.00 8.00
1 Coca Cola
1 Coca Cola
1 Popcorn Salt.

Hopefully some one can help me to get this ItemList with one sublevel and
how to create this. Please note that the Total column in this list is a sum,
but this can also be calculated in a query if necessary.