From: Francis Glassborow on
JoeC wrote:
> On Mar 31, 9:37 pm, Ian Collins <ian-n...(a)> wrote:
>> On 04/ 1/10 01:39 PM, JoeC wrote:
>>> I have read some on exception handling but I never really understood
>>> it or how to use it. Now I am running into problems using an array.
>>> I have tracked my bugs to this line. I want to see what the problem
>>> is.
>>> Is this correct?
>>> if((num> 255) || (num< 0)){
>>> return;
>>> }
>>> try{
>>> bits[num] = col;<--
>>> }
>>> catch (char * str){
>>> MessageBox(NULL, str, "Info", MB_OK);
>>> }
>> There isn't enough context to provide an answer. Array access certainly
>> doesn't throw!
>> --
>> Ian Collins
> I am working on the program and trying to track down where the
> problems are. I wish I know someone who could look at my program and
> point out where I could be going wrong. It is too difficult to post
> all the code and no one would go through it. I wish I knew where to
> look to find where I am getting access violations.

Ifg a single function definition is too long to expect readers to look
at it then it is almost certainly too long. Posting less than the
complete definition of a function is almost always posting too little.