From: Eric Heinold on

I have a query that works correctly in Access 2003, but not in Access 2010.
Here is the SQL:

SELECT qrySysSelectEeSS.EmployeeID, qrySysSelectEeSS.Name,
qrySysSelectEeSS.ListOrder, Sum(IIF(tblPRItem.Preserve,1,0)) As
CountOfPreserved FROM (qrySysSelectEeSS INNER JOIN tblPRItemPayWork ON
qrySysSelectEeSS.EmployeeID = tblPRItemPayWork.EmployeeID) LEFT JOIN
tblPRItem ON tblPRItemPayWork.EmployeeID = tblPRItem.EmployeeID WHERE
((tblPRItemPayWork.RunTypeID = 44) And (qrySysSelectEeSS.Active=True)) GROUP
BY qrySysSelectEeSS.Name, qrySysSelectEeSS.EmployeeID,
qrySysSelectEeSS.ListOrder ORDER BY qrySysSelectEeSS.ListOrder;

If I remove the LEFT JOIN from the query, Access 2010 returns the correct
records, but I need to be able to use it. Is this a known issue in Access