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PEEK Mobile Devices
Remember when mobility was simple you had a mobile device that did one
thing every well like paging and email and that was all you needed.
Now mobile devices with phones, cameras, Mp3 players, web browsing,
and more has made them more complicated then your computer and you
still can’t get a call through. Well those days are over thanks to

Peek brings back the simplicity of mobility Peek’s mobile device only
does email and messaging on a slim device that has won awards from
Wired and Time for Gadget of the year 2008. Peek works with all email
servers like MS Exchange or Lotus Notes and with all the email
services like Yahoo, Google, and Hotmail.

But what Peeks is not is an expensive product that will drain you in
message chargers like other more expense mobile products. You see Peek
is a pay as you go service that allows you to set your budget with
long term commitment. Peek gives you unlimited email and messaging for
a rate that is easy on your budget.

For a small business that needs to control cost Peek will give what
you need when you need without having to change carriers or keep
buying expense mobile device just because they can download a cool app
that you really don’t need. Because Peek is simple to use and set up
unlike many of the mobile devices that have complicated manuals that
are never read or takes time to setup with your Email Server. Peek is
simple and takes 60 seconds to set up and then your people are ready
to get their message anytime and anywhere.

Watch these stars who are in love with the PEEK

Bonnie Hunt


Dr. Phil

The Peek on NBC’s Press Here

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The Peek Price:
Peek Pronto For Business $59.95
Peek Service Plans $14.95 per month

Peek Special Pricing for Business:
Peek for life 1-9 units $389.05
Peek for life 10+ units $349.95

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