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> | A previous virus infection disabled the ability to show hidden files
> | in Windows Explorer. Whenever I try to show hidden files the command
> | appears to run okay, but when I return to check it has reverted to
> | hiding the hidden files.
> | I have scanned the computer fully twice, but the behaviour persists.
> | Could it be some change to the Group Policies that has caused, or are
> | remnants of the virus masquerading at legit programs?
> First do NOT assume it was a virus.  It sure may be malware and most probably a trojan but
> notr a virus.
> You do not mention what that malware infection was nor do you state what anti malware you
> used when you stated "I have scanned the computer fully twice".
> Basically, insufficiant information but indicate you are most likely still infected.
> Download, install, update and then execute, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
> --
> Dave
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I used Avira and Kaspersky virus removal tool. I have now install
Kaspersky Internet Security and it is still runniing. I have over
500Gb spread over 3 hard disks and multiple Windows instances (but
only one of them has been active for the last few months). I am still
running KIS 2010 but the scan is not complete.