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"miloman33" wrote:

> My hard drive crashed and I had to purchase a new hard drive. I bought a
> 500G drive, but after loading XP it only show 130G. How do I get XP to see
> the full 500G?

Mark brings up some valid points just something else to check is go to
computer management in admin tools under control panel and using disk
management tool check is the whole drive there i.e Disk0 should give you a
size is this 500Gb or not? If not there is a whole range of questions if yes
just create another partition and carry on I find it's better having two
partitions in any case - one for OS and progs and the other for all my
docs/data/videos/game data/music etc... as if you have to reload for whatever
reason you have your docs safe and saves you time in the long run.

Hope this helps.

From: Mark Adams on

"John John - MVP" wrote:

> Mark Adams wrote:
> > If you want all one partition, the easiest way would be to reformat the
> > drive NTFS using the formatting tools supplied by the maker of the hard drive
> > and install XP again without using the XP disk to delete the partition; just
> > install it on the partition the drive tools created. When you install the
> > Service Packs, XP will recognize the whole drive.
> Are you sure about this? I haven't tried this with XP but as I
> understand it unless the Windows XP installation CD includes SP1 or
> better the disk will still be lopped off at 137GB (digital) (or 127.99GB
> binary) and the remainder of the disk will be unallocated.
> John
> .

XP Gold can't create or recognize partitions larger than 137 GB. But it will
install on a larger partition; it just won't recognize all of it until
updated with Service Packs.