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I?ve seen the same problem and have been solving the issue for 3-4 years. Vendor (Psion Teklogix) have seen the problem on severall installations but they have no quick recipy to solve the case. It my customer this problem was on 82xx terminals in 5 different customer warehouses. Lock-h appeared randomply, but obviously it was worse when using IP protocol + more terminals in the warehouse = more problems. Same stuff goes for the new 85xx terminals.

Terminals are alive and do have connection to the server. Any serverside action to solve the problem won?t work as it seems that the problem in on the terminal. Best way for the user to get around this problem is to reboot terminal forklift software (unless he wants to wait long time until terminal recovers by it self) Also using IQ with controllers seems to help the problem... For perfect fix for the issue I do not know... If some1 has solved the case please let me know. atm. we are managing the situation, but I?m quite sure that some terminal side problem is behind this.


millergol wrote:

Lock H on Psion Teklogix 8515 Vehicle Mounted Computer

Everyone, I am looking for some support on this issue. We are using
the 8515 on our hi-lo's and we continue to recieve a "lock H" is there
anyone that has experienced this issue at there site or business.

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