From: Sprowler on
We get an error message, a new user is created and all desktop item are lost.
Does anyone know what causes this? Any help is appreciated. This would be
on a windows XP networked computer.
From: Sprowler on
I work in the tech dept of a school district. I handle mainly programs, but
the issue has plagued us for some time. I thought I would try to get some
advice out here.

It is a networked computer and it seems to happen to a select group. But
when it does happen, all get worked up. Thanks.

"R. McCarty" wrote:

> District - ? Do you mean a Domain based network ( Sever handles the
> login and policy control ).
> Generally when a new profile is created it is an inability to open and use
> the pre-existing User Hive. (NTUser.Dat). Corruption can happen in a
> number of ways. If the network is domain based and this happens on a
> number of client computers the issue may point to the server.
> The icons you mention are because a new profile is created from the
> template or "Default User" profile. Usually this isn't customized to show
> any individual setups.
> You should review the System Event log on the client machines and see
> what if any errors ( & Event IDs ) are being logged. Usually this is a key
> way to run down issues like this.
> "Sprowler" <Sprowler(a)> wrote in message
> news:8BAF365F-954D-4188-A12A-065CA126BD1D(a)
> > Does anyone know what causes Windows XP to says it's creating a new user
> > profile and wipes out all icons. This happens periodically to computers
> > on
> > our district and we have been unable to figure out why?
> >
> > Any help is appreciated.
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