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Good call, this also happened to me after I changed the screen size and font
size. Made the font too big to fit in the task bar.


"Ramesh, MS-MVP" wrote:

> Bob,
> Right-click the Taskbar and uncheck Lock the Taskbar option. Now, resize the
> Taskbar using the top handle (when you see the double-headed arrow mark) and
> increase the Taskbar height (two lines). The date and time would be
> displayed. Then, lock the taskbar.
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> Regards,
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> "Bob" <Bob(a)> wrote in message
> news:B3FA09ED-FBA7-4FE3-BC1F-716A8DE4F151(a)
> I've lost the "Current Date" from the taskbar after running Windows Live
> Safety Center program. The program found and removed 2 viruses and cleaned
> up
> the "Resistry" with no problems. All programs seen to work ok however I
> can't
> find a way to turn on the "date display" on the right end of the taskbar.
> The
> time displays correctly. I'm running XP Media Center 2002 w/sp2 Tks. Bob
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