From: kevinp on
I think I'm the only person on the face of the earth that is using a
MICRImage check scanner and I will probably get no replies to this,
but I have to ask anyway. I don't have any hair to pull out and I'm
ready to throw this thing out the window.

Everything was working fine until we switched to Windows 7...

I was using MagTek's OCX that Columbus brought over to the new world
with him. I wish they would update this thing...

I'm using Click-Once Deployment for my program. I have two references
in my program for this scanner:
MagTek ActiveX Comp For Micr Image Device
Microsoft Comm Control 6.0

Both are set "Isolated = True" and "Copy Local = True". If I change
either of these, I get unregistered control errors.

The program runs fine and the form with the MicrImage control opens
just fine. When I scan a check or credit card, the program doesn't
respond. It never activates the MicrImage1_MicrDataReceived event.

I'm sure Windows 7 is blocking it somehow. I know the scanner is
working because I've installed their sample program and the data shows
up when I scan a card. The big difference is that their sample program
doesn't use their ancient OCX control, it just uses an MS Comm
control. And of course they don't offer the source code...

So, I delete the MicrImage control and add a NET serialport to my
form. I scan the credit card and I end up with a string of characters
twice as long as the string from their sample program.

There's a sticker on the bottom of the scanner that says it's

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do with this? I'm even
open to buying a new scanner, but it has to be able to scan checks and
credit cards.
From: Mac 'n Cheese Mac 'n on
Our company use the Magtek scanner & driver as well. We encountered similar
problems with Windows 7. There are 2 things that we needed to upgrade. The
drivers for the hardware and the OCX for the webpage. The updates can be
found here:

If you still have troubles you can create an "ITS" ticket to ask for help.
We did & they where very helpful.