From: Fev on
I have inserted a mixture of mp3's and midi files into a presentation,
but only the midis will play. The mp3's will play both through
Windows Media Player and mplay32.exe. I have installed CDEX and used
the convert to add the RIFF-WAV header and tried the resulting *.wav
files as well. None of these options produce sound in PowerPoint.
The same files play fine on my desktop computer (Windows XP Home SP 3)
in PowerPoint 2007, but not on my laptop (Windows XP Professional SP
3). On my laptop I can play a downloaded Mp3 in PowerPoint, but not
ones ripped using Windows Media Player from my CD's. These Mp3's are
all on my laptop hard drive I have also tried increasing the size of
the files that can be embedded, so that they are no longer linked,
without success. I would appreciate any suggestions.