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Thannhauser;4004290 Wrote:
> I had the same problem with the space bar, but I finally solved it once
> and for all.
> In the picture "Keyboard Under Space Bar" in your link you will
> notice that there are two tiny triangle shaped plastic protuberances in
> the black area below the zxcvb and nm keys (marked with an asterisk in
> the lousy ASCII diagram below, ignore the dots).
> Z X C V B ��������������� N ���� M
> ---------- ������������� -----------
> | O � O � / �������������� \ �� O��������
> ______ / * ������������ * \________
> In my keyboard one of them (the right one) was broken. I couldn't add
> the missing one, so I tried (please notice that this is what I did, I am
> not responsible of the results if you try this and something goes wrong.
> Try this at your own risk.) removing the other one with a nail clipper.
> I also strategically placed a folded Post-it note under the left part of
> the space bar to solve the other problem I had with the space bar: it
> was too noisy. Now it works just fine.

I have tried the above solution and I can verify it significantly
improves the stiff spacebar problem. I actually had same situation
with the right 'protuberance' already broken as well...

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