From: Hibou57 (Yannick DuchĂȘne) on
Hello all,

I've just attempted to send a message to the GNAVI team, but simply
get an SQL error syntax message after the form validation and I
founded no mail in So I post here an exact copy of the
message I was to send, with the hope someone may perhaps forward it to
interested parties.

> To have a look, I wanted to try GNAVI yesterday. I've get
> from Getting started -> Installation. When I wanted to unzip it, the
> MS Windows anti-virus (the one provided by MS, not a third party
> one), stopped me and warned me about a trojan in the file
> adotest.mdb which is in a subdirectory of gnatcom/samples.
> The exact identification given was : Exploit:Win32/Jdrop.gen!A
> I've checked the same file with ClamWin, and ClamWin did not found
> anything there, oonly the MS anti-virus did.
> I wanted to see what it is, but it seems adotest.mdb is a binary
> file.
> Have a nice day
> Yannick