From: joker on
Not sure, but it doesn't sound like mq is running. I use the
msmqadm.exe command line tool, but you can use visadm tool to do the
same thing. The following is what I type to get mq running.

msmqadm register cleanup
msmqadm register install
msmqadm register
msmqadm start

I'm not sure why, but I always get an error on the 3rd line, but if I
don't do it, mq doesn't start.

Also, make sure that you have a hostname defined. I think the device
name or device id will work, otherwise change the HostName registry
entry (the msmq value) to set it.

From: shikha meena on
Hi ,

II have found the log file msmq - MQLOGFILE.TXT and in that following
text is written:

[11:55:21 2/24/2007] MSMQ service started.

So it is confirmed that the MSMQ is running ... The device name on the
PPC is set .. Do u think it is still required to change the Hostname
registry entry. If yes then where can i set it and what value should i
set it to.


From: joker on
What status do you get when you run the visadm status command?

From: shikha meena on
Status remains the same in visadm

Windows CE 5.01 (Build 422, 3) - MSMQ 4.2002 (Build 0), MSMQ_CE