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I currently have a workbook with 36 sheets within for a production report.
The workbook is set up with a 1 monthy total sheet, 5 week total sheets and 6
days sheets per week. I also have a macro set up on one sheet that will auto
rank one (production) column which then would re-arrange the employee's names
from highest to lowest based upon the (production) column. Here is the
problem I would like to apply this macro to all 36 sheets, however, when run
this marco it will only adjusted the the sheet where the macro was originally
created upon. Now I could just create separate macro for each sheet, however,
that would consume much of my time. Is there an easier way?

From: joel on

It would help if you posted the code. specifying the sheet in the
macro usually solves this problem. Something like this

for each sht in sheets
with sht

.range("A1") =
end with

next sht

the above code will go through the entire workbook and put the sheet
name of each sheet in cell A1.

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