From: Mel on
I have a speadsheet that has 5 columns.
(Headings are in row 2 and are: Cell A2=Date, B2=Name, C2=Paylist,
D2=Cycle, E2=Action).
Data starts in Row 3 and will go down to row 5000. The dates would
start 01-Jan-2011 and could go up to 31-Dec-2011.

Right now I have 2 macro's to sort by date and paylist but what I also
need is a macro to allow the user to sort by the user inputting a from
date (I think I can use a calendar to pick from) and a to date (option
of => and =<) in a form.

The next piece is how to display and be able to print this filtered
I am not sure best option. Possibly only these rows be displayed and
the other rows be hidden or maybe copy to a new page and after
filtering the macro moves access to new page.

I have also created a macro to open a user form1. So far I have (but
no code yet to run) options to sort by Name, Date, Paylist, cycle and