From: John... Visio MVP on
"Steve" <notmyemail(a)> wrote in message
>I provide help with Access, Excel and Word applications. I would like to
>offer to build your database for you for a nominal fee. Contact me if you
>want my help.
> Steve
> santus(a)

Stevie is our own personal pet troll who is the only one who does not
understand the concept of FREE peer to peer support!

These newsgroups are provided by Microsoft for FREE peer to peer support.
There are many highly qualified individuals who gladly help for free. Stevie
is not one of them, but he is the only one who just does not get the idea of
"FREE" support. He offers questionable results at unreasonable prices. If he
was any good, the "thousands" of people he claims to have helped would be
flooding him with work, but there appears to be a continuous drought and he
needs to constantly grovel for work.

John... Visio MVP