From: Nick Ng on

I have a spreadsheet with DDE macros that draws stock quotes from my data
provider. One of the fields is for the lowest price of the day. Now, I'm
trying to track stocks over 5 day periods - is there any way to program a
cell so it keeps track of the lowest price over the 5 day period?

Say for example, on Day 1, MSFT traded to a low of $10. Cell A1, which is
referenced to the Price Low field (i.e. =A1="Price Low"), will then display
$10. One Day 2, MSFT traded touched $9.50, which is then summarily reflected
in cell A1. On Day 3, MSFT gapped up, and the low of the day was $10.50. I
would still like A1 to remain at $9.50 (which is the low over the 3 days).

I'm doing the updating manually now, which can be nuts when the stock list
increase to 100's. Thanks in advance!