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Make IBM Lotus the Foundation of Your Business IT

Lotus Foundation is what small business has been waiting for a quick,
easy, and budget friendly way to get the IT services they need. That
is why Wirehead Technology is joined with IBM to add Lotus Foundation
to our MERP line of products to help you the small business owners get
the most out of your business

IBM Lotus Foundation line of Small Business Servers offers IBM’s IT
solution in a box that combines Lotus Notes email with Lotus Symphony,
Anti-Virus, Firewall, Security, Data Backup, and many other IT service
that is found in costlier products and a price small business owners
can afford. Lotus Foundation is made for business with 5 to 500
employees that do not have the budget to hire a full time IT staff but
knows that they really need one to run the day to day IT operations
that larger companies have.

Lotus Foundation works with existing email servers like MS Exchange,
or Lotus Notes. Lotus Foundation works with Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail.
For mobile users Lotus Foundation also has the Branch Office lets
mobile workers sign in to Lotus Foundation to get their email or share
your company’s applications remotely from a desktop, laptop, or mobile
devices like Blackberry, Palm, iPhones, or Smartphones. But best of
all Lotus Foundation is easy to set up in less than 30 mins. your
Lotus Foundation system can be set up at your office and ready to go.

No need for complicated rules and systems upgrades or long time
downloads of disks. Lotus Foundation is simple made for small business
owners who are not techno-wizards but need what IT has to offer. As
for price Lotus Foundation is thousands less than MS Small Business
Sever and comes with Lotus Symphony IBM in version of MS Office built-
in no need for costly MS Office license that alone will have you
thousands in fees to Microsoft and the need for installing new version
of MS Office in the future.

Watch this video on how Smart Start Child Development used IBM Lotus

Smart Start is a non-profit, community-based childcare organization
serving low-income families in the Ojai Valley in California. They
have five centers serving children ages 2 through 12.

Lotus Foundations Start provided Smart Start with the ability to
collaborate much more closely inside the main office, and enabled them
to connect their remote locations as part of the same network. In
addition to enhanced collaboration, Smart Start now also enjoys the
many other features of Lotus Foundations Start, including central file
management, network security, remote management and updates by their
Business Partner, and a reliable backup and recovery solution.

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