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Unfortunately, that article does not show you how to make the fix in Windows
7 and the "advanced" button is no longer there when you're in the screen to
change file type associations. I would like to know how to do this in Windows
7 too.

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> "Weasel" wrote:
> > I recently upgraded to Windows 7. My work uses a web based report service
> > that creates csv files made to view in Excel. Ever since I've upgraded to
> > Windows 7 when I run the reports in IE they open in a seperate IE browser
> > instead of in Excel. How can I make it so the files always open directly in
> > Excel like it did when I was using Windows XP? I've tried searching for a
> > solution but haven't yet found an option for Windows 7. If I run the reports
> > in Firefox they do open directly in Excel. I'm using Excel 2007