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Yes, I have the same problem. I do not believe, however that it is of
any concern. After "fixing" it, Spyware doctor (that's right, a security
program) had to restart IntelliGuard. This simply could be one security
program not liking the processes of another.
I have a free trial version of Malwarebytes, Norton 2010, and Spyware
Doctor 2010, and nothing is wrong with my computer (no slow down or
I'm not sure if this works, but if you are seeming to have a virus
problem, you could try clearing all browser history, and use Firefox. I
happened to get some non-malicious tracking cookies and adware, and my
computer is clean. Not all adware is bad, though.

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From: "Security helper" <Security.helper.45w4zb(a)>

| Yes, I have the same problem.

No, you have MORE of a problem its called

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David H. Lipman wrote:

> From: "Security helper" <Security.helper.45w4zb(a)>
>| Yes, I have the same problem.
> No, you have MORE of a problem its called

<g> Yes, another Usenet-scraper. And what's with them holding 'forum'
posts for five days before releasing to Usenet? There's a new post from
them in a.c.a-v .. where three of their "members" have replied to a
thread from last March.

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I bought a brand new Acer laptop from newegg, and opened it today. After
initial setup with first boot etc i logged on to the net and
1. Went to Acer website to register the laptop,
2. Went to windows updates and downloaded updates for win7
3. downloaded ms security essentials and installed, and ran scan, came
up green, and then
4. downloaded and installed MBytes, ran scan, and came up with the same
scan results....

Now, i am thinking it is extremely unlikely i picked up a trojan "out
there" that quickly while working at 3 very reliable and safe sites.
My question is...Was this hijack routine;
a) created by Acer when doing an info seek to see if i'm a legitimate
Acer laptop (??) yet MS SE missed the registry change while doing the
initial scan immediately after (hmmmm, unlikely?)
b) MS did this when checking my win7 version and checking if i have
admin rights while installing the desktop icons for MS Sec. Essentials??
, OR
c) MBytes did it while installing desktop and startmenu icons, then
unknowingly flags the traces of its own activity?? wouldn't that be

I'm a mechanical engineer and think in terms of function, but a
complete novice to this stuff, so its a bit frustrating that i don't (at
present) know how to begin researching this problem. If i knew a little
more about win code i'd go digging and find out what is really
happening, but it sure would be nice if someone who really knows what
he's doing could explain to us exactly what must occur for this string
to be deposited in the registry, and what legitimate processes could do
it. because it SURE seems like a false positive to me.
Or should i say a "safe" positive. By that i mean a tracking routine
deposited during a noninjurious process, but junk that certainly doesn't
need to be on our systems and needs cleaning.

Andy Walker;4092523 Wrote:
> The HKLM\...\NoActiveDesktopChanges registry key above determines
> whether or not the users of the machine have the ability to change
> their active desktop configuration. There are a large number of
> trojans and malware that change that registry entry to "1" in order to
> prevent users from removing the displayed content within the active
> desktop. You can also set this to 1 to prevent users from changing
> their wallpaper, for instance. It is not necessarily an indication
> that you are compromised, but by default user are allowed to change
> their active desktop settings. The Malwarebytes program flagged the
> registry entry because it is more often than not an indication that
> malware may be present. If you are comfortable with the appearance
> and functioning of your Windows desktop, and don't plan on allowing
> other users to change the desktop settings, then leave the registry
> entry set to 1, otherwise set it to zero or allow Malwarebytes to do
> it for you.

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