From: jpBless on
Thanks GS, MikeB, MikeD, Clive Lamb for your time and input. I really
appreciate. I installed "Outlook Redemption" suggested by Clive Lamb and the
it works OK (for now). The security warning stopped. Although I would love
to have intrinsic VB solution to this proble,

Again thank you all for helping... much appreciated.

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> First off my apology for multiposting. I posted to the wrong group by
> accident. This post was meant for this group and not the enterprise group
> I had posted to by accident.
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> I have automated VB6 application that sends email to to clients when
> prompted by a user. The app uses MAPI client (using the default mail
> client
> information to send the mail). After sending mail the email and
> attachments
> gets added to SENT Folder of the mail client.
> This app has worked well and still does for users using Outlook express.
> However if the default client is Outlook Application a security
> message/warning comes up warning the user "Unknown application is trying
> to
> send messge..." and ask user to confirm and select profile etc... No
> matter
> what the user does the app hangs. I have tried all I could and can't
> resolve
> this problem... Has any one encountered and resolved this issue?
> I have thought of using any VB6 method that could send email independent
> of
> user's default email... But I am stomped too. The Sendmail.dll can't seem
> to
> resolve the issue of sending mail using IMAP (like Gmail) settings..
> In short I need your help. Thanks in advance.

From: Mayayana on
| Although I would love
| to have intrinsic VB solution to this proble,

I'm not really familiar with IMAP, but isn't that
only for retrieval? I don't understand why you
can't use VB SMTP code (like vbSendMail) to
email through gmail. There are specs here:

Is it possible that you used the wrong port?
(Most email now requires authentication, using
port 587 rather than 25, but using authentication
is not problematic in terms of coding it.)

I noticed that gmail
SMTP also uses a secure logon. That might be
an issue. I don't know what's involved in doing
that, but it might be worth looking into. It would
probably require checking whether a secure
connection is required during the initial EHLO
exchange (which is easy) and then being ready
to encrypt the communication (which may not
be easy...I don't know). There's a page here
about TLS:

If you figure it out maybe you can post the
code back here. :) It looks like it probably
requires at least an additional encryption
lib., though. (capicom?)