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Ah, yes I should have remembered that.

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>> Put this line of code
>> DoCmd.Maximize
>> on the form's activate event.
> So far as I can tell, the Activate event doesn't fire for PopUp forms.
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> In the on load event i put msgbox "load".
> The odd thing is i get the message when i click the close button of the
> form.
> I don't get this one, a message in the on load event appears when i close
> the form !!!

Very odd.

> So i removed those lines in the on load event and put them just before the
> last one in the on open event. The last line being :
> DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Ribbon", acToolbarNo
> and everything works fine. God knows why !

I wonder if the call to ShowToolbar is interfering in some way. Have you
tested to see what happens if you comment that out?

> How can i replace the microsoft form icon that appears on an open form by
> mine ?

For the whole database, there's a setting in the Current Database options:

If you want to have a different icon for each form, I don't know at the

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