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On Sun, 27 Jun 2010 14:47:42 -0400, LVTravel wrote:
> All that said, your memory test program should run without any issues on any
> hardware you currently have. Remember to create your bootable CD from the
> ISO bootable image prior to attempting to boot from the program to test the
> memory.

Thanks to you and Shenan for your reassurances. I know that the ISO
image is independent of the OS -- that's one of the main attractions
for me.

The laptop that is now showing its age (66 months) had bad RAM -- I'm
not sure if it was shipped that way or if the RAM went bad within the
first year. The symptom was BSOD if I ran several programs together,
but no problem if I didn't. I thought it was a Windows issue. When
I ran the image it found the exact bad bit in about five

So on my new computer, I want to test the RAM before I load anything
critical on there. (I've downloaded the ISO image and will burn it
from a known good computer.) I'll also do a full hard drive scan to
get bad sectors marked before anything is written to them.

I know this is an XP group, so I won't post here about Windows 7,
beyond one comment that might help others getting into Windows 7: I
bought two O'Reilly books, /Windows 7 Up and Running/ and /Windows 7
Annoyances/. I highly recommend the Annoyances book (based on as
much of it as I've read so far, and my very positive experience with
/Windows XP Annoyances/). But IMHO /Windows 7 Up and Running/ was a
waste of money: lots of fluff about included application programs and
how great they are and very, very little practical advice about
configuring the system.

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