From: njseadooer on
Hi All.

I have a Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010 in the same site communicating just
I created a new mailbox database on the Ex2010 server called Journal Mailbox
Database, and in this database I have a user which I use for Journaling.
The Ex2003 and 2010 server both use this user for Journaling.

I am getting some messages stuck in the Submission Queue, Message source
name Default:Ex2010 server, .SendSizeLimit.Sender; message too large for
this sender. These messages are above the 10meg default limit that Exchange
defaults to, and they are all going to the Journaling user.

I'm not sure exactly where I need to change this setting, and I don't want
everyone to be able to email files greater than 10mb.

There are settings on the Send Connector, Receive Connector, Hub Transport,

Can someone clairify how I can set it so that the Journaling Database/User
will be able to get these messages?

Thank you!