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Date 5/4/2010
Starting in early summer 2010, Microsoft will begin progressively closing
down the Microsoft public newsgroups to enrich conversations in the
rapidly-growing forum platform. This decision is in response to worldwide
market trends and evolving customer needs.

Microsoft continues to invest in forums to reduce customer effort,
consolidate community venues and make it easier for active contributors to
retain their influence. Forums provide a healthy community environment with
less spam and make answers easier to find by customers and search engines.
Additionally, forums offer a better user and off-topic management platform
that will improve customer satisfaction by facilitating discussions in a
clean space.

We understand that some newsgroups are still active, and important to the
community. In the coming days and weeks, we will be rolling out tools and
resources to minimize disruption to the community discussions.

We are working diligently on providing additional resources and information
in local languages later this week. In the meantime, please refer to the
official Microsoft Newsgroup website concerning this
issue. The Microsoft Newsgroup website will be made available in additional
languages in the next few days.

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And below is what you can offer instead !.

> am locking this thread. This discussion was begun in July. It was
> answered.
> I have deleted posts marked as abusive, which included inappropriate
> language and name-calling and personal attacks.
> Now it is devolving into bickering.
> There is no place for this in the forums.

> ~Lori

> Lori Dirks
> Expression Community Manager
> lori [dot] dirks [at] microsoft

> Lori Dirks

You're gone too far boy. And so Anna Ullrich !
For instance, your female colleague on her home site characterizes
Morten Rand Henriksen's for his propaganda as being Sadistic.

One might think that People having a jewish heritage did know to separate
what might
be appropriate to call sadistic behaviour, and what might not be Racism and
At least, there should be reason to suppose you've been learned by the story
and by you
parents and grandparents. And in fact, what's still going on these days.

Both of you have been acting on the social forum strong discriminative and
I'm the one to know this.

You'll do your part of the work of chasing people away from microsoft's
defective encumbered
products, that people the world over have seen in the latest decade.

Had you been under my command, you'd be called-in and advised of leaving for
a while,
taking some jobs as an ordinary handyman, learning something about life. I
see a lot in
the forum having this need. Apparently, sitten with the eye's staring into a
coding paper
makes sometimes this kind of people.

You're a very crude boy. And it's a sad reality, that someone could point
you to be a manager
and moderator in forums and elsewhere. This can only be caused by a very
young community in
the microsoft as a whole. Of same reason it probably won't have any value to
make a
complaining report.

In this roundings there were no abusive and bickering. Yet allowing yourself
to decide whoms
threads to delete, and whoms to lock-out from the forums, leaving the truely
abusive regulars

The abusive and bickering person were you !.
You're sticking you face far beyond acceptable.


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> W...T...F...?
orld rade umbling?

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: news:%233YZIfb7KHA.5848(a)TK2MSFTNGP06.phx.gbl...
: W...T...F...?

Apparently, senn was showing us a msg from one of the moderators, demonstrating that the new forums are policed and moderated, something impossible to do here. The rest of the drivel that makes no sense was the post that was pulled.

Still, completely OT.