From: RĂ¼diger Ranft on
Lars Uffmann schrieb:
> Hey everyone!

> Now I have stumbled into some odd behaviour:
> When I build the wxWidgets sampleMinimal, with shared library settings
> (wxconfig with the option "--static=no"), my final executable will abort
> with the critical error message "The application failed to initialize
> properly (0xc0000005)." This does *not* happen with a static=yes build,
> nor does it happen when I build the configTest example (hello-world-style).
> I was wondering if maybe something is wrong with my wxWidgets
> enable-shared build/configuration. Would it help if I post my configure
> log?

You can examine the dependencies of your program with the Microsoft
"dependency walker". Look for errors in the output, and which dll causes
them. 0xc0000005 is likely related to either a missing execute right in
the NTFS ACL of the dll, or a damaged dll manifest (either resource or
..dll.manifest file). You can try to execute the program in Windows 2000.
If the program works in W2K it is very likely a manifest problem, since
the manifest resources are introduced win XP.