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I have a custumers SBS 2003 box with the same problem. There is no entry for
default SMTP virtual server, nor is there one with another name. No matter
how I try to add one, it does not show up. I need to be able to change the
default SMTP port.
What do I have to do to get this to show up again?
Tony Riederer
Professional PC's

"Alexander Zammit" wrote:

> Are you sure this was not just renamed?
> Do you see any virtual servers under SMTP Protocols.
> If yes then work with that to enable IMF.
> cheers,
> Alexander Zammit
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> IMF Tune - Unleash the Full Intelligent Message Filter Power
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> >I have just been given the task to configure the IMF in our exchange setup,
> > but have found what appears to be a problem.
> >
> > The Default SMTP Virtual Server is missing. Is there any way to
> > re-instate
> > it, or is this a sign of potentially bigger problems in our setup?
> >
> > Regards
> >
> > Chris Bartholomeusz