From: Brad Pears on
I recently had to recover an SBS 2000 server which runs Exchange. SInce the
recover, I can create new users and add their Exchange properties, but the
user is not availaable in the global address list at all, and the email
addresses are not being created.

I think I have discovered where the issue lies , but am not certain how to

When I go into the Exchange Management console, right-click my exchange
server (SBS 2000 computer) and then select properties->File ->Directory
Access, I get an error indicating that "Information about directory services
could not be entirely obtained. Make sure the Microsoft Exchange Management
service is running on the Exchange 2000 server"

It then shows me the screen below which is where I think the issue lies. If
you look at that list, it only shows one domain controller (TRUE5) which is
our backup Windows 2003 domain controller. I believe that the SBS 2000
computer (running Exchange 2000 server) - should also be in that list and
it is not. I think there may also be other entries missing from that list. I
am guessing that in the restoration of system state, something went awry and
somehow messed up those entries.

What's interesting is that if I add a new user on our SBS machine, then go
into adsiedit, I do NOT see that new user added on the SBS machine at all -
it shows up on the backup domain controller and never makes it to the SBS
machine running exchange. I have a feeling that the AD replication is NOT
working at all and that I am simply using the AD on our backup DC instead of
the SBS...

How can I check to ensure and to fix so that our SBS machine running
Exchange 2000 is using itself as the primary AD and Global catalog machine
and replicating with our backup DC??? Should I try a DCPROMO on it

Do you think I am on the right track here??

Thanks, Brad

I'm guessing that this is why the recipient update service isn't creating
the email addresses - becasue the user doesn;t show up