From: Mitch on
First, I'm typing this on a crappy tiny laptop, so there will be

I have an Abit BH7 with P3 2.4GHz...about 3-4 years old.
The other day, it just wouldn't boot up. It would give me a long beep
(about 2-3 seconds long) and repeat.
No BIOS, no video signal. Sometimes no beeps at all.

The first thing I did was swap out RAM with known good RAM.
Then I bought a new video card. No help.

I stripped everything down...took out all the cards. I removed the
heatsink, blew dust out of everything.
I reseated connectors, RAM, etc.

The only thing I noticed is that the thermal compound between the CPU
and heatsink is all dried out. I don't have any more.

Anything else I can check, or do I have a dead motherboard?

If so, I just want to get back up and running. Can I still get a
BH7? If not, what should I get?
I'm not looking at gaming, this is my general-purpose PC that I badly
need to get back.

Hope someone can help.