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Deborah wrote:
> I too have this problem. MM2 worked fine until Friday and now it
> won't make a movie, I get the message when it reaches 25%.
> I have reinstalled MM and media player; everything in the
> compatibility tab is unchecked, I re-registered all the .dlls, I
> found 3 versions of QASF.DLL and took the most modern (V11) and
> copied that to the other files and I have reduced my hardware
> acceleration to notch 3.
> The video consists of a single video and a single wave audio file and
> lasts about 10 minutes. I'm running XP Pro, have 512mb ram and 9GB
> spare disk space. I have run task manager during the process and the
> peek never reaches the limit.
> The movie can be created in other video editing software but the
> quality isn't as good as MM so I desperately want it back!
> Please help if you can.
I'm guessing you mean MM2.1 instead of MM2.0...

Anyway...What is the format of your video file?

And...have you tried going to...Tools / Options /
Compatibility tab and unchecking all the filters.

Adding more RAM couldn't hurt and increasing
the size of your Virtual Memory Paging File may
be worth a try.

The following article explains how:

(308417) HOW TO: Set Performance Options
in Windows XP

Virtual Memory in Windows XP


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