From: daveemc2 on
configuration for tsx/msx is set (by default) to only allow certified
servers. Google search on "msx2005" and /or security. There is a registry
entry you need to change to allow servers w/o certificates in msx/tsx

"Marc Mertens" wrote:

> Hello,
> When I try to setup multiserver administration for SQL Server I
> always get the error 'The enlist operation failed (reason:
> SQLServerAgent Error: Unable to connect to MSX 'my master server name')
> (Microsoft SQL Server, Error 22026). I have a fresh installation of the
> two instances (the one who must become the master and the one who must
> become target. The sql service and sql server agent accounts are a
> domain accounts (both servers sit in the same domain) and have full
> administrative rights. I have enabled the tcp and named pipes network
> library on both sql servers and applied SP1 on both servers.
> Frankly I have tried to get this working from the first CTP until now
> and never succeed, either I'm doing something wrong our multiserver
> administration does not work at all on Sql server 2005.
> Has someone managed to get this working on SQL Server 2005 and if so
> how did he get it to work.
> To be honest this is the third time I ask this question on this
> newsgroup but I have never had a reply with a solution, so I'm tempted
> to thing that this is broken on SQL Server 2005. If so I have to start
> telling my students that this is one thing which does not work (unless
> at least someone reports that it is working for him.
> Thx.
> Marc Mertens