From: Wietse Venema on
Paul Cockings:
> Hi List -
> I send a mail to dsgf(a)gdshgf.ggg via my postfix server
> I get a an NDR back with the a 550 Host or domain name not found (in the
> body)
> - That works like normal
> Now I'd like to alter things;
> When I get an NDR I'd like to parse the header only to find who the
> message was oringally sent to and why it failed.
> I currently have X-Original-To: which works for the who, but not why
> I'd like to be add a custom header in the NDR to say
> x-mycustomheader: dsgf(a)gdshgf.ggg = 550 Host or domain name not found
> then I can parse the header for this key/pair, store (probably in a
> MySQL table) the who and why. I can dump the body (i don't need to
> waste resources reading the body)
> Hope this makes sense, kind regards

To make bounce address parsing easy, try using VERP support.

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