From: John Navas on
If you jailbreak your iPhone to add third-party software, you can do so
with the comfort of knowing you aren't violating copyright laws, after a
federal ruling came down on Monday.

The U.S. Librarian of Congress ruled on Monday that consumers who
circumvent digital protections on smartphones to install unapproved
applications�a practice often colloquially known as �jailbreaking��for
noninfringing reasons should be exempted from prosecution under the
anti-circumvention section of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

The proposed exemption on jailbreaking was first put forth in 2008 by
the Electronic Freedom Foundation, which argued that users should be
allowed to jailbreak their phones to install, for personal use, legally
acquired third-party software. Apple, for its part, argued against the
exemption in an extensive filing contending that an exemption for
jailbreaking would lead to more widespread piracy and additional support
costs for the company. Two software developers, the Mozilla Corporation
and Skype Communications, filed documents in support of the EFF�s