From: jva1254 on
PLEASE help me with this.
Under Windows XP and Office 2003, for my email program I switched from OE to
Outlook and imported my address(contacts) by dragging one by one between the
Windows Address Book and the Outlook Contacts within individual folders.
Everything was alright except the names in non-English character.... all the
non-English names was not displayed in its language, rather in ????.

My OS(English) and Office language settings are set to Korean as a default
language and I didn't have any problem with any kind of Office(incl OE) to
use both English and Korean.
My adress book in OE has 24 individual folders categorized such as clients,
family, society, suppliers, friends, government etc.... I used 'Import
Addresses' from OE, but the addresses in the folders were not imported at
all. So I made the folders(as categories) in Outlook and copied one(contact)
by one
within each folder.
There is no problem using both English and Korean for the names etc in my
address book within OE, but when imported(copied) one by one from OE Address
book to Outlook, the Korean words showed as '????'(like the monster codes).

I have spent probably 10 hours just searching and experimenting trying to
do this one little thing, and now I am nowhere with it.

Please teach me what I have done wrong.
Thank you in advance.