From: Roger Govier on
Hi Nadine

Did you see my second suggestion to you, where I was proposing that the
Payments were recorded on a separate sheet.
They could be entered on separate rows, or in successive columns along a
single row.
Then on your main sheet, have a SUMIF formula to give the single value
of all payments made so far.

As I said send me a copy of your workbook if you wish.
roger at technology4u dot co dot uk

Roger Govier

Nadine wrote:
> Ed,
> Thanks for the link. Unfortunately I didn't see a way to add 20+ pmt per
> invoice when my worksheet contains 1000+ lines of invoices. Thanks for the
> link, though. I'm going to browse it further.
> "Ed Ferrero" wrote:
>> Hi Nadine,
>>> Does anyone have any thoughts on how to arrange this in Excel 2003:
>> Some thoughts here
>> Ed Ferrero
>> .
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