From: Gerhard on
I have a .net 3.5 project that runs fine on IIS (2003 server). It launches a
Silverlight 3.5 Business Application using RIA Services. All is working
fine. I ported this application into Visual Studio 2010 with .net 4.0 and
Silverlight 4.0. In the development environment on the same computer, this
runs fine, accesses the database fine. However, when I publish it to IIS, I
get a file not found error. I researched this, went into Web Service
Extensions and allowed It was then able to "find" the file, but
then there were errors on accessing the database. This is under the same
application pool that works fine under .net 3.5 (2.0 in IIS). Then, when I
went back to my 3.5 site, it was no longer running (service unavailable
error), and the only way to get this back working was to Prohibit .net 4.0.
How do I get .net 4.0 applications to run side by side with .net 3.5 ones
without database issues? Thanks.