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On Mar 5, 2010, at 11:37 PM, Brian Candler wrote:

> Not exactly answering your question, but Net::SSH::Telnet is a small
> wrapper around Net::SSH which gives it an API much more similar to
> Net::Telnet, which in turn is more of an expect-like interface.

Thanks for the reply. Been a while since I managed to take a look at
this, but Net::SSH::Telnet doesn't seem to be exactly what I want.
I've noticed that in the net/ssh version < 2, a 'popen3' command is
implemented that allows me to do exactly what I want, as e.g. here:

The magic is in session.process.popen3('command'), when 'session' is a
running net::ssh session. However, session.process returns something
entirely different in net:ssh v2 and up, and the popen3 method doesn't
seem to be implemented at all. This essentially looks like a downgrade
to me, or is there another way to get something like popen3 working?
If not, would it be safe to use a pre-2.0 version of net-ssh?


Dawa Ometto

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Dawa Ometto wrote:
> If not, would it be safe to use a pre-2.0 version of net-ssh?

Depends what you mean by "safe". I don't know if Net::SSH 1.x is being
maintained; it may not work with ruby 1.9 for example. But it works fine
with 1.8.x and I'm not aware of any known security issues.
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