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[Apologies for re-posting this again but Microsoft told me that I need to do
in order to get MSDN support. I have deleted the previous thread.]

I have 3 servers in my IIS7 environment and they use a shared config file on
a different central admin server to ensure they are all synced.

On 2 of the servers I have an intermittent problem where they cannot read
the config when opening IIS Manager. It comes up with an error asking do I
want to retype my credentials and "Error: Cannot read configuration file".
However, the websites are all running correctly so it must be ok. This is
also only intermittent so sometimes it'll work fine without me making any

The files for the sites are also on the central admin server and
occasionally the sites don't work because they can't see some of the files.

When looking in the Event Viewer I see an event like the following...


Event code: 3008
Event message: A configuration error has occurred.
Event time: 04/03/2010 15:12:56
Event time (UTC): 04/03/2010 15:12:56
Event ID: 5f5accc982ea4cddba679fd0b95f7810
Event sequence: 21
Event occurrence: 10
Event detail code: 0

Application information:
Application domain: /LM/W3SVC/1050/ROOT-1-129121891066752003
Trust level: Full
Application Virtual Path: /
Application Path: \\adminserver\IIScontent\Websites\Live\Extranet\
Machine name: WEBSERVER4

Process information:
Process ID: 4644
Process name: w3wp.exe

Exception information:
Exception type: ConfigurationErrorsException
Exception message: An error occurred loading a configuration file:
Failed to start monitoring changes to
'\\adminserver\IIScontent\Websites\Live\Extranet\app_themes\theme' because
the network BIOS command limit has been reached. For more information on this
error, please refer to Microsoft knowledge base article 810886. Hosting on a
UNC share is not supported for the Windows XP Platform.


I have taken the advice that it gives in KB 810886 and have added the
appropriate registry keys on the server (admin server) and client (web
server) as they weren't there already. They are both now set to 5000 but
it's still a problem.

One final bit of info: the three web servers were cloned from each other but
we used SysPrep to make sure they were as if they had always been different.

Anyone got any ideas?

Many thanks,