From: Moshe on
On Fri, 25 Jun 2010 12:16:54 +0100, Roy Schestowitz

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> T-Shirt Design Contest Winner Announced


I wished I had known about this so I could have entered
the contest.

My submissions:

"I Bathed For Linux"

With a picture of these guys on the back


"Toe Jam Rulez"

With a picture of this guy on the back:

He would probably want to collect royalties though so it
might not be feasible.

From: Kadaitcha Man on
Moshe, thou egg, thou fry of treachery. Thou art a puisny-tilted
dog-fox not proved worth a blackberry, an impotent new gorgon, a
greasy-haired recreant limb, a cancerous goodman baldpate, ye
three-inch fool. Ye left behind thy dehydrated chin ornaments then
carried on about:


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If I hadn't seen it I may not have believed it.


loose sausage meat : n. Flaccid penis which cannot be funnelled into a
condom; as in 'Sorry love, my sausage meat seems a bit loose'. See
also stuffing the marshmallow.