From: Benjamin David Lunt on

Just for your interest, I know that for the seasoned veterans
here, NBASM is little or no interest to you, but for those
who may be learning assembly, I have now resurrected the
old IDE for my NBASM assembler.

If you are trying to learn assembly, NBASM may be a perfect
assembler for you, and now with the IDE you no longer have
to use a DOS text editor or a DOS session. The IDE does all
of this for you. Run NBASM within Windows.

For more information, please see

The IDE is in pre beta form. It needs a little work, but
I wanted to put it out there for people to test and report
things that might not work correctly.

Currently, the syntax coloring is quite slow. Turn off
syntax coloring (formatting) and the editor is quite quick.

It will only run on a WinXP or above machine. I have had
questions about a Win2000 machine. I don't know if it will
or not. I can remove the WinXP version check, for those who
wish to try it.

Anyway, if you are wanting to learn assembly, NBASM may be
a good choice, since it is easy to learn and use. Then when
you get a bit more seasoned, you may move to the many wonderful
fully capable assemblers with confidence.


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