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Dang!! nobody asked cost...guess I'm the lazy one to look it much
did the components cost?
"Here In Oregon" <HIO(a)> wrote in message
> All I can say is I have built many computers in my day and the ASUS P6X58D
> Premium is the best motherboard the world has ever seen.
> Stunning!!! Oh,... and love at first site. Now my wife is jealous and
> wants me to build her one and I am. Newegg, do you want more of my money?
> <g>
> Okay, I am considered sick when it comes to the amount of time I do
> research on componentry. I probably spent 160 hours in the last 4 months
> researching and the build took me less than a day including my preferences
> with bios, software, imaging, etc. All of my system builds are future
> proofed and last a long time.
> i7920 8 cores with hyper-threading
> Noctua NH-U9B SE2 92mm SSO CPU Cooler
> Corsair Dominator DD3 6GB
> 4 Hard Drives 2 new huge Western Digitals and two smaller and older
> Maxtors
> Corsair HX620
> EVGA 9500 GT
> Plextor 24X DVD/CD
> Nexus and Noctua case fans
> Win7 64bit
> Stock CPU speed is running at 34C; I will overclock a bit once I get
> settled in with some of my digital recording applications and additional
> audio hardware. Also this system build is extremely quiet and my dB meter
> cannot even register a reading. Ambient room noise is louder. LOL!!!
> Computer is running flawless in every way and was an easy build except for
> a flawed Win7 product key code and I was on the phone with Microsoft for
> two hours with three reps from three countries.
> Just wanted to chime in and give my 2 cents for you folks who might be on
> the fence and are afraid to make the jump. Jump!!!! Just go ahead and
> jump. Jump!!!
> Your friend,
> P.S. I have no affiliation to the aforementioned companies except I bought
> their products. They can send me a check if they want to and so can
> everyone that might have benefited from this post. ;-)

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"reqluq" > Dang!! nobody asked cost...guess I'm the lazy one to look it much
> did the components cost? tia req

I don't know, around $1400.00 I guess, because I bought some additional
stuff and had two older SATAs from before.

I bought a 50 inch HDTV from Amazon today. A Sammy and I brought to
attention the problems with the Pannys that CNET and others are talking
about currently regarding black levels dimming over a short time.

Proverbs Ch.18 Vs.17 Any story sounds true until someone sets the record

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I'm still using "vintage gear".
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