From: BWaldon on
Hello Everyone,
I am a network administrator new to a company that has been using Navision
for several years now. I am trying to learn more about Navision from an
infrastructure perspective. We are currently on Version 4 and will be adding
Automated Data Collection within the next 3 months and going to version 6 SP1
within the next 12 months.

I have alot of questions about how the client works, how the different
components talk to one another, etc. Our consultants keep references some
middleware server, a thin client, a web client, and now a role tailored

Are there any white papers or other documentation that I can read that would
help me learn more about navision? Maybe something that describes the
different components, their roles, interdependancies, etc? Maybe something
with pretty pictures?

Right now I have little more than spoken descriptions of the product from
our consultants and I am trying to do my own research and build my
understanding based on solid documents from Microsoft.

From: Savatage on
There are lots of docs out there if you search google.

there are some great nav forums like:

Some good guides out there too see here:

Solid docs from microsoft can be found at customersource: