From: Damon on

Sorry if this isn't precisely Windows related,

I just added two 1-GB sticks of SDRAM into my Dell computer to bring it up
to 4 GB, but it's only showing up under System as 3.25. Which is interesting.

My tower has four RAM slots. When I bought the computer it had four 256 MB
sticks (1 GB), two of which I replaced with two 1 GB sticks a while back
(2.5) and today I replaced the remaining two 256 MB sticks with two 1 GB
sticks to bring it up to 4 GB.

When I turned my computer back on, I was notified that my computer's memory
had changed, giving me the choice to continue or run setup. I chose to

I am aware that RAM has to be installed in a certain order and as far as I
know I did so, but 3.25 is a strange number. My specs are: Dell Dimension
E510, Pentium 4 3.0 ghz, Windows XP Pro. I bought the RAM off of the Dell

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!