From: shelfish on

I am sending a newsletter to subscribers and the header graphic is
causing some trouble for clients with Outlook. Outlook is, of course,
blocking the image and the warning message appears with the option to
download the images. Clicking it works just fine, downloading and
displaying the images. What is strangely absent is the same option on
the placeholder context menu. The only options are "Copy" and the
various hyperlink options, but no option to view images. Although this
seems like a simple issue with an easy work-around, I'm afraid it's
causing quite a bit of confusion for recipients (including my boss)
who are complaining about being unable to see the images.

I don't believe this is related to outlook settings since other html
emails do have this context menu option. It's only my emails that have
this issue and I have no idea what could be causing it. I do believe
it is related to how Outlook interprets the html since there isn't an
issue in any other client.

Any insight would be huge help. Many thanks,